Not all self storage facilities are created equally

No two businesses are the same – especially nowadays, as companies adapt to a changing marketplace & become more creative with their offerings in an attempt to “stand out from the crowd”.

With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your prospects (potential customers) understand your points of difference. After all, if they’re shopping purely on price, the more expensive facilities probably won’t even make it onto the list! If that’s you, then it’s time to give prospects a reason to choose you! Let’s take a look…

Self Storage facilities are different?
We work in the industry, so we know this – but do your prospects? If they’ve only ever seen self storage on TV (and it’s a bunch of rusting shipping containers on a block of land with a chain-link fence around it), then that’s what they’ll assume it is. If they get your quote and it’s substantially more expensive than your competition, they may not stop to ask why.

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Outside the Box

Kennards Self Storage have continued to innovate and create brand awareness in the local area with the introduction of their Kennards bicycle.

The bike is free for customers to use and is designed for those that may not have a vehicle to transport their goods or box purchases.

The bicycle was custom designed by Psbikes and features heavy duty straps to secure items such as boxes, a wooden cargo hold, bright Kennards branding, and a rear basket.

KennardsBicycle 2

Kennards are currently trialing the bike at Moore Park NSW and North Melbourne VIC due to the close proximity of bike paths and apartments and the lack of hills in the area.

The unique style of the bike and stand out colour scheme is sure to draw attention when it is being used and helps offer another talking point as a feature for the centre.

Wilson Storage Community Day

As part of our opening of our brand new Rowville self-storage facility Wilson Storage undertook to create strong community awareness of the same by conducting a” Community Day” where all proceeds from raffles and food sales were to be donated to local charities.

Using our broader Group reach we were fortunate to have V8 Supercars and drivers in particular the Volvo Racing Team whose primary sponsor is Wilson Security.

Wilson Storage  (2)

The drivers and the support team members provided very interesting commentary regarding their personal experiences on the race track, advice on defensive driving techniques, especially for the younger generation who came on the day as well as signing autographs and having pictures taken with many members of the public.

We further promoted the day by placing two sets of half page advertisements in the local papers, email invitations to all of our many thousand Wilson Storage / Parking / Security customer data base as well as placing a large double sided signage that was placed on the nature strip exposed to more than 14,000 vehicles that pass the facility each day.

Given it was held on a Saturday and to make the day as child friendly as possible we provided jumping castles, clowns, balloons and face painting for the kids, coffee and soft drinks for the adults, a sausage sizzle as well as static displays of the V8 Super cars.

Wilson Storage (7)

We also were fortunate to have the local dealer provide many different Volvo vehicles on display as well as exposure to our Non-Emergency Patient Transport Ambulance business – “Medic One”, which also shares the facility with Wilson Storage at our Rowville facility.

Many hundred members of the public attended the day and the overwhelming feedback from those who attended was very positive, given our main priority for the event was to create strong Community awareness about our Group as well as to give something back to them as well.

Wilson Storage  (1)

We also judged the day to be a complete success as we managed to generate quite a few thousand dollars from donations generated in the raffles that included V8 Super car hot laps at the next Wilson Security Sandown V8 super car race day, a year’s free parking in the CBD and complimentary storage packages to name a few.

All funds raised on the day were then immediately transferred to both the Ardoch Youth Foundation and the Flamingo Group.

This form of marketing has also led to quite a few new customers for our new facility, some who attended the day, others who knew of the event by our advertising and others again by way of positive word of mouth from those who attended.

We would recommend this type of marketing and community involvement to all SSAA members.

Member Profile: Jim’s Self Storage

Since Jim’s Self Storage began in 1996, owners Jim Morgan and wife Barbara (OAM) have worked hard to ensure their
business kept growing and evolving to meet the changing needs of customers.

Their son Ivor, as Manager, helps keep their vision on track and each is committed to forward planning, an attribute that has contributed to their success. And Assistant Manager, Rosemary Angyasy, who has been with the outfit for nine years, believes their customer service gives them the edge.

“Not only is the company always planning and keeping abreast of the market,” Rosemary said, “but we also have a
fantastic product. State-of-the-art security ensures customer peace of mind, and we also have showrooms with demo units.

“It really is a whole-package experience for customers, with free trailer usage, removalist or truck bookings, packing
supplies and much more.”

As the 2012 winner in the Transport and Logistics category, Jim’s Self Storage may have been tempted to rest on its laurels. Not so, said Rosemary.

“Since then, not only have we set a new in-house record in meeting our stated goals, we’ve also submitted plans to
Council for a new building, adding even more units to our mix. This shows our confidence in the future and confirms
the belief we’re heading in the right direction: on and up.”

Internet Marketing Tips for Your Business

This video talks about customer focused marketing and how to make the web work for your business. The 4 key areas are:

  1. Why traditional ‘selling’ is dead
  2. The importance of listening to your customers
  3. Putting a positive spin on things
  4. Why you should give something away for free

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