Making Sure It’s A Private Matter

New privacy laws and compulsory data breach reporting obligations have been introduced. What do they mean for your facility? On 22 February 2018 amendments to the Privacy Act came into force across Australia.… Continue reading

AON Cyber Liability Insurance – Are you ready for the new data breach reporting laws?

As per the Mar/Apr Insider Magazine article “Making Sure It’s A Private Matter” Six steps to preparing for breach notification With the Australian data breach notification rules taking effect from 22 February 2018,… Continue reading

Changes to FaceBook and how they affect Self Storage businesses

Facebook is like all other businesses: it needs to adapt to an ever-changing marketing environment. I see FaceBook like those big commercial fishing boats off the coast, casting their nets far and wide,… Continue reading

Aggregator Sites – friend or foe?

Over the years the Self Storage Industry has seen the entrance and exit of a number of different aggregators. In this article we consider the benefit or pitfalls of aggregator sites. Different types… Continue reading

Why Conventions are a MUST for the Storage Industry

At the SSAA we believe that locally organised industry conventions are very important. With the storage industry spread across Australia and New Zealand, our conventions bring the industry together. We run these events… Continue reading

It’s Out – Employment Relations Amendment Bill

The New Zealand Government has released it’s plans for reform of the employment laws. A summary of the areas where changes will be happening is attached. The draft legislation is expected to have… Continue reading

Setting the family business straight

Operating a family business has special challenges. Richard Cooper and Mike Coleman of KPMG outline how to avoid the pitfalls. Whether or not family businesses choose to acknowledge it, change is happening. Successful… Continue reading

What grade is your self-storage facility?

Tim Creighton of Urbis outlines the development of new initiatives to assist the self- storage industry. The investment profile of self-storage continues to evolve following the listing of National Storage REIT (NSR) on… Continue reading

Is Self Storage still a secret?

It got me thinking the other day when I visited Adelaide for a long weekend – is self storage still a big secret in Australia. I attended a couple of social functions and… Continue reading

Increasing Fees

There are numerous factors that facilities must ensure they get right, both at sign-up and during the life of the agreement, if they hope to increase fees legally.  We all know that many storers stay… Continue reading