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You Can’t Send That!

Many of us use emoji in our texts, emails and message apps, but can they cause more harm than good? In this edition of the MLF we consider the rising use of the… Continue reading

So what the hell is the cloud?

I can tell you what it’s not. It’s not actual clouds, and no, storms do not affect access to your files. I get asked a lot, “I don’t understand how it gets up… Continue reading

How to promote self-storage to stock seasonal items cluttering the house

Selling and marketing are undoubtedly important aspects of running your self-storage business. With multiple facilities vying for your target market, it’s becoming increasingly important to differentiate your brand to attract new paying customers.… Continue reading

SSAA Convention – HR Central Recap

The SSAA Convention flew by so quickly, and what a great time it was! This year, we were lucky enough to have been asked to present to members on HR. For those of… Continue reading


Having literally just touched down from attending the SSAA Convention 2018 a week ago, the team were very keen for me to share my insights with you in time for this newsletter. Whilst… Continue reading

Tips to cut your electricity bills

Traditional energy bills are shrinking the profits for Australian storage facility owners and as a result of these rising costs of electricity, many storage facilities are now looking at solar energy as an… Continue reading

In Conversation With Joe Barbaro

Homestead Press has worked on producing and printing the magazine since its inception, and the owner Joe Barbaro has been an integral part of this. He sat down with us to talk about… Continue reading

Is Your Self Storage Business Digital Ready Yet?

10 Questions That Will Reveal The Answer! Over the last 14 years, in the commercial real estate industry in Australasia, self-storage has reportedly been one of the fastest growing sectors. In 2016-17, self-storage… Continue reading

Gain New Entitlements

Casual employees have been awarded new entitlements which could affect self-storage operators. Leisa Rennie of HR Central advises all SSAA members to stay informed of these changes… As of January 1, 2018, the Fair… Continue reading

Storage Checklist

When people are considering using a storage facility, these are the key elements they are looking for. Are you ticking off a similar checklist as your customer? How Good Is the Facility? –… Continue reading