Service Member Profile: LandMark White

LandMark White offer Cutting Edge Services when you need to Value your Assets.

LandMark White are Proud to be one of Australia’s largest and most highly skilled independent valuation and property consultancy organisations across the private business and corporate spectrum including major trading backs, lending institutions, ASX listed and unlisted property, trusts and private investors just to name a few.

Our specialists are market leaders in the valuation of all classes of Assets and are armed with detailed knowledge of the differences between states. This knowledge is highly regarded by lending institutions and helps set LandMark White apart from other valuation firms. In particular Landmark White has extensive experience in the valuation of self-storage facilities.
Self-storage properties have the potential to deliver strong cash flows to investors. But as with any property, getting the right valuation is imperative for buyers and sellers in this asset class. We bring extensive experience in self-storage facility valuations both in Australia and overseas and have specialists who are listed on the Australian Property Institute’s list of expert valuers for this asset class. Self-storage facility clients include major companies, as well as independent operators and owners.

Our extensive valuation experience in this specialist asset class includes:
 Portfolio valuations;
 Going concern valuations (real estate and business);
 Lessor interests subject to lease;
 Business interests;
 Site values; and
 Rent reviews.

Our Asset valuations comply with international accounting standards and our high quality Australia wide service helps minimise risk when it comes to property transactions. Our highly experienced and qualified staff are equipped to undertake challenging and complex assignments. Our process and internal training practices also ensure that all LandMark White valuers apply the same rules and criteria when valuing a property.

Peter Roberts
National Director Commercial Valuations

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