Member Profile: Space Base Self Storage

Space Base Self Storage in Coconut Grove Darwin has been operating since 1988, when it had only 68 storage units, and was managed by a tenant, who ran a diving business! Over the past 28 years the business has progressively been expanded to include a further 432 units and 4 office/warehouse units over 2 different sites.


In 2013 tenants of the warehouses decided not to renew their leases. With an occupancy consistently above 90%, the decision to convert the warehouses to self storage spaces, incorporating a mezzanine level, was relatively straightforward. As part of the expansion an additional adjoining building was constructed to further increase the total no. of units.

The design (by a local firm of Architects) produced 150 new self storage units of varying sizes. Space Base also chose to use a local builder familiar with the NT Cyclone code as well as Steel Storage for the fit-out. The expansion enabled the facility to better utilize space, without the need to acquire additional land.

Space Base 6

Initially, NT Planning was reluctant to approve the additional building, and the Darwin City Council was even stronger in their opposition due to their perceived belief that there would be an increased demand for car parking in Delatour St. However, armed with the SSAA Demand Study, photos of the facility and streetscape, and the gate access data, Space Base were able to convince them to approve the development.

This was not the only challenge faced though, with the building phase commencing during the ‘wet’ season. Planning with the builder before construction commenced ensured continued access to the office and facility, which was a crucial due to the business having 450 existing customers. When drainage work was necessary, Space Base emailed or called all storers who may have been impacted, and when necessary, discussed one-on-one with them, their specific requirements.


In addition, the business recently installed solar panels (made in South Australia) to utilize the free sunshine so readily present in the NT. This will help Space Base cover the additional electricity requirements of the new units will not cause significant increases in their electricity costs. The number of 24/7 CCTV cameras at the facility has also been increased to ensure excellent security for storers in the new building.


To promote and enhance the new addition, Space Base have also undertaken the following:
• Upgraded website.
• Social media campaign
• TV/Radio advertisement
• Large banners and new corporate signage outside the facility
• Special paint treatment on the roof of the new extension to minimize the impact of Darwin’s heat.

Space Base Self Storage
Space Base Self Storage

Despite being a small facility by national standards, operating in a city of only 120,000 people, Space Base Self Storage is clean, well designed facility that and prides itself on helping clients find the right space to suit their needs.

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