Member Profile: Easy Storage

Opening in 1997, the facility’s first stage was fronted on an internal road, off the main industrial area in Rockingham. Occupancy grew by demand for smaller units and land became available on the main Dixon Road. An extra 184 units brought the total to 344 with 9 different sizes in total. With occupancy nearing 90%, the 3rd stage was designed and built by Steel Storage, adding a further 110 units. This design incorporated a large roof over the access drive. These units are now sought after by business requiring undercover access to their units. The facility now has 3 road frontages, rear access and a total of 454 units including lockers.

Easy Storage is located in the heart of the business district of Rockingham, Western Australia. Rockingham is a coastal beach location, south of Perth. It has a population of 110 000. Suburbs of Rockingham are some of the fastest growing areas in the state. Population is expected to grow over 200 000 by 2030. The facility now fronts the main dual carriageway of Dixon Road and it is also fronted on two other streets.

Easy Storage use ‘Scruffy the Bear’ as its main logo and feature on all building signage and business printing.

easy storage 1

An illuminated pylon sign on the road frontage is a large feature and includes a time and temperature display. The office feature is open plan and provides free coffee and tea to customers. It allows for pleasantries and friendly chats with staff, as well as encouraging customers to freely browse through the box shop showroom.

easy storage 3

The box shop provides a full range of boxes, packaging supplies and moving packs including second hand boxes. It is one of the largest box shops by sales in WA. Easy storage has a modern security system and includes digital cameras, perimeter infra-red beams, individually alarmed units and allows customers extended access. It has recorded movement and an hourly log of entries. Extra wide driveways are also a great feature.

Easy storage use a range of different marketing avenues to promote the facility including:

  • Local newspapers
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Business visits
  • The Cheesecake Shop (cake drop to Real Estates)
  • Free box to homes for sale
  • Website including mobile website
  • Facebook
  • Testimonials sent with Thank You Cards
  • Supporting the local community including charities and different organisations

Some of businesses stand out achievements include:

  • Significant economic growth per annum
  • Customer service awards
  • Customer testimonials
  • Policies and procedures for a best practice business
  • One of the largest WA box shops
  • Long servicing staff – pride of workmanship award
  • Organic Facebook growth

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