Finding the Perfect Self Storage Space

There is no doubt that for long-term storage nothing beats a professional self-storage facility. They offer the perfect solution to storing your belongings in a secure and convenient way. You don’t need to pile objects up at home, overfilling wardrobes, hiding old boxes behind cabinets, or struggling to keep important documents somewhere safe from the kids.

A self-storage space gives you the freedom of easy access and the ability to do what you want with your belongings – from frequent rearranging, sorting and cleaning to storing your bike every night. All of these things are somewhat more difficult at home as bigger objects require a lot of free space and your family members may not be willing to give up the spare room or garage. Self storage facilities on the other hand offer many different types and sizes of units for you to choose from.

When choosing a self storage space/facility:

1st: Decide what exactly you want to place in your self storage space. The best idea at this stage is to inspect your house thoroughly for items that you don’t use frequently and make a list. Note what you think are the biggest items you want to relocate to the storage unit. An easy way to see how much space you will need is to group all of the items together in an area such as your garage so that you can determine the collective cubic meters of storage space required. If this isn’t possible it is a good idea to try and measure all the items individually and have your list handy when you visit or phone a storage facility.

2nd: Contact the companies in your area that offer storage services. The closer to your house, the easier the access. Consider what will suit your needs – it may be a small storage unit in an independent family run facility or a large unit with a door as large as the width of a whole car. Ensure the space is big enough to fit all your possessions, and has enough free space for walking and arranging items, yet is not going to blow your budget. Consider whether renting a couple of small rooms will be more suitable and affordable than renting one huge room.

3rd: Ask the facility staff about security and the accessibility of the space – whether there is an elevator or a drive up access. If you are moving items by yourself or have a lot of heavy boxes you don’t want to be walking up numerous stairs. Discuss the options for locks as well as air-conditioning, lights, windows, and the type of door preferred.

Ella Andrews is blogger and freelance writer, who is very passionate about home improvement, remodelling, interior and exterior design ideas. She’s been writing about similar topics for a long time, but is also constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. More helpful tips and advice on removals and storage read at:

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