Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Member Profile: Easy Storage

Opening in 1997, the facility’s first stage was fronted on an internal road, off the main industrial area in Rockingham. Occupancy grew by demand for smaller units and land became available on the… Continue reading

Finding the Perfect Self Storage Space

There is no doubt that for long-term storage nothing beats a professional self-storage facility. They offer the perfect solution to storing your belongings in a secure and convenient way. You don’t need to pile objects up… Continue reading

Inbound VS Outbound Marketing

For those who don’t have a developed marketing strategy, and are trying to determine the pros and cons of traditional advertising vs online marketing and social media. This video includes some useful tips… Continue reading

9 New Ways to Engage Your Customers via SMS (Tipsheet)

As previously discussed, SMS is quickly becoming the next must-have tool in your arsenal for keeping in touch with your customers… but with communications going out to different customers, on different days, for… Continue reading

Internet Marketing Tips for Your Business

This video talks about customer focused marketing and how to make the web work for your business. The 4 key areas are: Why traditional ‘selling’ is dead The importance of listening to your customers Putting… Continue reading