Adelaide Christmas Party

It was a relaxed but fun night at Lickerish in Semaphore.
Adelaide Christmas Party (6)

Adelaide Christmas Party (1)

There was a big contingent from Adelaide Hills Self Storage who hired a bus so they could party on into the night.
AHS Minibus

Adelaide Christmas Party (5)

It was great to see some of the Store Ur Stuff Staff attending their very first SSAA Event. Members also participated in an impromptu quiz facilitated by Simone Hill and had a bit of a laugh with their match box cars and Lego prizes.
Adelaide Christmas Party (8)

Adelaide Christmas Party (7)

Adelaide Christmas Party (4)

A big thanks to Visy for sponsoring the drinks and keeping the cheer flowing. Looking forward to catching up with everyone in Melbourne next week!

Sydney Christmas Party

The Sydney Christmas Party was held last night at the Killara Golf Club – an old world style venue dating back to 1899. It provided a unique backdrop with its leather arm chairs, fireplaces and club memorabilia.


The nondescript entrance had a few members touring the grounds before they were able to enjoy a cool drink at the club bar.


Unfortunately it was too hot to sit outside on the terrace but the elegant and expansive dining room easily accommodated guests who enjoyed catching up on industry news.



Michael Tate’s moustache made an appearance again for Movember, while Iman Asadi made his first appearance at an SSAA event on behalf of National Storage.



Thanks go to Visy Boxes and More for once again sponsoring the drinks – the lovely Sonja Becke was there representing them on the night.


Perth Christmas Party

We enjoyed a very well attended evening with over 35 members and guests at WA’s Christmas Party despite Simone’s absence due to ill-health.

 Perth Xmas Party 5

The Habitue Restaurant provided some of the best food, service and atmospherics we’ve sampled in Perth, with several local foodies unaware such a fine venue existed!

“The food was sensational, lovely fresh and handmade, someone in that kitchen obviously loves their job” – Tim Whetnall (Multilec Engineering)

“It was great to catch up with our fellow SSAA members, and the food was excellent” – Andrew Langdon (Sentinel Self Storage)

 Perth Xmas Party 10

We welcomed some new members and fresh faces. Conversations got louder and lasted well into the night with Visy Boxes and More again providing all the fuel and presenting wine for a short Q&A.

 Perth Xmas Party 8

John Hidding (Easy Storage) announced his retirement and was applauded for his contributions on the Board on behalf of WA members.

Perth Xmas Party 3

Perth Xmas Party 4

Thanks to everyone who came along and to Malcolm Collins who hosted in evening in Simone’s absence.

Reaching your customers online

As more and more people use the internet to find products and services, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to the self storage industry. Potential customers are likely to be looking for your business on-line, so it’s important to understand how and where they’re searching for you.

1.Use of smartphones and tablets to get on-line

In Australia, 92% of households are connected to the internet and each year more and more of us are using smartphones and tablets to get on-line. In 2013 68% of Australians accessed the internet through their smartphones (up 10% from 2012) and 50% accessed the internet through a table (up 16%).

With smartphone and tablet use on the rise, make sure your website is optimised for mobile devices. To see how your current website looks on a smartphone you can try out the ‘Go Mobile’ tool at (under the Knowledge section).

Interestingly people are not just surfing the net for entertainment or using it for work. The vast majority of Australians use the internet to research their purchases. In fact, 87% of Australians look for information on products and services online, including 55% who do this on their smartphone and 63% who use their tablet for this purpose.

2. You can reach 65% of Australians through social media

Many businesses are using social media as a way of building stronger relationships with customers and helping to spread word of mouth. It makes sense when you consider the size of the audiences in these channels. Social media reaches most Australians, with over 65% using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It probably comes as no surprise that Facebook continues to dominate this space, capturing 95% of Australian social media users and boasting over 11 million Australian users.

3. Storage businesses appeared over 6.5 million times on Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is no longer just a book, but it is also much more than just a website. In fact, the Yellow Pages digital network includes on-line, mobile, social media and maps as well as digital powerhouses like Google, Yahoo7 and Bing.

Over the past 12 months, there were more than 6.5 million appearances for ‘Storage – General’ on the Yellow Pages digital network. More importantly, 50% of these interactions resulted in a lead for storage businesses across Australia, meaning that for every two interactions completed, a lead was generated for a storage business.

  • Over 86 000 calls were placed to businesses listed under storage headings
  • There were 7273 requests for direction to businesses
  • There were over 5000 requests to send business details to a mobile phone

4. Customers use Google and Yellow Pages differently

Looking at the top self-storage search keywords gives us insight into the behaviour of Australians when they’re trying to find storage solutions. Most Google searches for self storage are brand-based, whereas 98% of the searches on are category-based – that is, people don’t have a particular facility or brand in mind. This suggests that Google is more commonly used by customers who have an idea of which storage facility they want to use, whereas is more commonly used by those who haven’t yet decided which facility to do business with.

5. What information should you include on-line?

There are clear business benefits from having an on-line presence. If you’re creating a website or putting together a digital listing for your self storage facility, consider including the following information:

  • Easy to find contact details
  • Your location
  • Price points
  • Other content like photos or videos of your facility
  • The benefits of using your facility
  • Any unique selling points
  • An on-line enquiry form so customers can easily get in touch
  • Customer testimonials

Visit for more insights, digital marketing advice and success stories.

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