SSAA Membership 2015-2016

It’s that time of year again with membership renewals just around the corner. By now most of you will have received your renewal invoice in the post and may be evaluating the benefits of SSAA membership and what aspects have been useful to you in the past year.

For those members who have contacted the SSAA to obtain legal advice throughout 2015 the pros of renewing may be more obvious than not (especially if your situation was particularly tricky). However it is sometimes difficult to put a price on less tangible services, particularly if you haven’t had need to use them recently.

We believe that your SSAA membership goes beyond simply providing legal advice and in fact offers a useful framework for running a self storage business to best practice standards. Without your support the SSAA would not be able to assist members with running successful, legally secure and profitable self storage businesses. An outline of benefits provided to members can be seen below.

ssaa member benefits 270815

If you have any questions about your renewal or have yet to receive an invoice please contact our office on AUS 1800 067 313 or NZ 0800 444 356.


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