Advantages of using self storage

If you are unsure about renting a self-storage unit, or trying to pile all your belongings into a separate room or garage at home – check out the advantages self-storage units offer. From ease of access, to the safety of your items on a long-term basis, there is nothing that beats a professional self storage facility when it comes to storing. See why!

Advantage 1: There are a vast array of self-storage units with different sizes to suit your belongings from small lockers, right up to a 3m x 6m unit large enough to store a car. Staff should be able to help you estimate how much space you need so you don’t end up renting a huge unit and only filling part of it. If you have a lot of items you also have the option of renting more than 1 unit.

Advantage 2: They are perfect for storing office items as well. If you plan to move in a bigger office, but you want to keep it clean and comfortable, you definitely have to check out the options for office storage units. With different shelves, bookshelves and racks – you can easily organize hundreds of paper files, catalogs, dismantled office desks and other office items. Temperature controlled units are also perfect for storing important documents or archived files.

Advantage 3: Many self storage facilities have state of the art security to protect your belongs. This can include things such as CCTV cameras, individual door alarms, heavy duty padlocks, pin-code access gates and an on-site caretaker. Ask about security when visiting a potential storage location.

Advantage 4: The self-storage companies offer different discounts if you are renting a unit for a longer time or are a loyal client. Ask staff about their specials, buy-back guarantee for return of unused containers and discounts before you begin storing.

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