Advantages of using self storage

If you are unsure about renting a self-storage unit, or trying to pile all your belongings into a separate room or garage at home – check out the advantages self-storage units offer. From ease of access, to the safety of your items on a long-term basis, there is nothing that beats a professional self storage facility when it comes to storing. See why!

Advantage 1: There are a vast array of self-storage units with different sizes to suit your belongings from small lockers, right up to a 3m x 6m unit large enough to store a car. Staff should be able to help you estimate how much space you need so you don’t end up renting a huge unit and only filling part of it. If you have a lot of items you also have the option of renting more than 1 unit.

Advantage 2: They are perfect for storing office items as well. If you plan to move in a bigger office, but you want to keep it clean and comfortable, you definitely have to check out the options for office storage units. With different shelves, bookshelves and racks – you can easily organize hundreds of paper files, catalogs, dismantled office desks and other office items. Temperature controlled units are also perfect for storing important documents or archived files.

Advantage 3: Many self storage facilities have state of the art security to protect your belongs. This can include things such as CCTV cameras, individual door alarms, heavy duty padlocks, pin-code access gates and an on-site caretaker. Ask about security when visiting a potential storage location.

Advantage 4: The self-storage companies offer different discounts if you are renting a unit for a longer time or are a loyal client. Ask staff about their specials, buy-back guarantee for return of unused containers and discounts before you begin storing.

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14 thoughts on “Advantages of using self storage

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  1. Thanks for the post. These are great things to consider. I really like that the storage company takes security seriously. That really makes me feel confident that my items will be safely stored and protected.

  2. We have been thinking about storing some of the stuff in our basement in a storage unit. I had no idea that different companies offer different discount if you are renting for longer amounts of time. It would be nice to save a little if we decide to leave it there for a while.

  3. My brother is moving back in with my parents. He recently lost his job, and he is needing a place to live until he lands on his feet. He has a ton of stuff that definitely won’t fit in my parents home. I didn’t realize that staff at a storage facility can help estimate what size of unit you’ll need and if you may need multiple units. That’s a really cool benefit of using storage I’ll be sure to tell my brother about.

  4. I think that there are a lot of advantage for self storage. You are able to work on your own timeline. It also allows you to have a more organized and simple life at home because you don’t have all your things there!

  5. My husband and I recently cleaned out our garage and we realized we have quite a few things that we want to keep but don’t have room for in our house anymore. Before reading this, I had no idea that self-storage units can sometimes be big enough to fit a car. It seems to me like having an extra space to keep things out side of our house would really help us keep our home organized. I’ll be sure to share this with my husband as we consider where to put our things.

  6. I like how you said that there are lots of self-storage facilities that have several sizes to suit your needs. Since we moved into our new home 3 months ago we’ve come to find that we can’t fit everything inside the house because of lack of room. We wouldn’t have a ton of stuff to store but having a small unit where we could put what we aren’t using would be really nice.

  7. Self storage has made things very easy now and it is really convenient to travel for a ling time without any worry. Peoples are getting benefitted with this and it is also emerging as a new segment in storage services.

  8. Thanks for sharing this! It’s nice to know all these advantages in checking out self-storage facilities. I also like how there are a vast array of these units to suit our belongings. This is something I would certainly check out, if I may need it in the future.

  9. My wife and I are thinking about using a storage unit for our extra belongings while we move to a new house, but we aren’t sure yet. I like that you mention how many storage unit companies have state-of-the-art security to protect your stuff. This would make me feel much better about leaving valuables there, so we’ll be sure to ask about this. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I like that you mentioned the different security measures that storage units have, like cameras, alarms, and padlocks. My wife and I are cleaning out our basement, and we have a lot of stuff we’d like to clear out to make more space. Having a safe and secure storage unit would be great!

  11. It was really nice how you said that storage units vary in sizes that there were some that were large enough to even fit a car. I never knew that until I read this article. I was actually planning to rent a storage unit for my extra belongings because my younger sister will be living with me starting next spring. In order to make room for her stuff, I have to take a few of mine out of the house. I do not want to throw any of my things. Thanks for sharing. At least, now I know what to do.

  12. My husband and I have been wondering if we should rent a public storage space to keep some of our old belongings in. So thanks for letting us know that a public storage facility will have great security measures, like CCTV cameras and door alarms. Since we want our prized belongings to be kept safe, we will definitely have to use a great facility to keep them in.

  13. It sure was great that I came across this article and realized that storage units actually have varying sizes and that staff can always assist me in determining the size that will work best for me and my stuff. I was actually planning to rent a storage unit a long time ago, but I was hesitating because I only need to store away a mattress and a few chairs. I’m afraid that I will have to rent a who room for them. Now I know better. Thank you. I will carry my plan out right away.

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