2015 Winner – Manager of the Year: Linda Barker, Fort Knox Self Storage Moorabbin

This award was proudly sponsored by Aon Risk Services.

Area Manager and Manager of Fort Knox Self Storage Moorabbin, Linda Barker is without doubt a well deserving candidate for the 2015 Manager of the Year Award. Linda’s dedication and commitment to the growth and success of her site and the wider Fort Knox group is evidenced by her 13 years of service with the company. Since her humble beginnings as Site Manager for Fort Knox Self Storage Ringwood, her career has developed and grown to include Area Manager and Trainer for the group.

Fort Knox Moorabbin

As a company trainer, Linda is responsible for the induction, OH&S, sales and customer service training of all new employees. She was a key stakeholder in pioneering new training material and manuals which are designed to improve team member’s skills and knowledge. She has creatively developed group activities and games to ensure team participation whilst having fun and learning new skills. Linda has also assisted in the development, implementation and roll out of numerous policies and procedures such as performance reviews and reward programs and incentives.

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With an eye for detail and a complex understanding of both the business needs and the needs of the client, Linda is a hands on manager with a proactive approach. She has great analytical skills, and has assisted in the trial and implementation of numerous strategies, software and structure changes. Linda has always gone above and beyond to ensure her site increases growth and occupancy and has attended frequent networking events in her own time with local businesses and council chamber of commerce.

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Linda actively engages all team members to improve their own personal growth and development, not only as a group but also one on one to help individuals improve their competencies at a speed in which they are comfortable. Linda has a caring disposition and great patience which is invaluable in her role with Fort Knox.

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