2015 Winner – Best Expansion/Upgrade Award: Safe ‘n’ Sound Rutherford

This award was proudly sponsored by Highway Frontage.
highway frontage FINAL blue box

In 2015 Safe ‘n’ Sound Rutherford expanded by building two more solid construction, concrete and steel buildings housing 162 units to add to the existing 498 units. The units were designed in a divided T layout, enabling the straight edge flow of the facility from front to rear to remain uniform. Incorporating extra wide driveways, the expansion allows for easy customer access and truck manoeuvrability, as well as a steep camber from the buildings base to numerous drainage points along the entire stretch of concrete.


This design feature proved its worth during the wild storms unleashed upon the Hunter Region in April, and ensured the extraordinary amount of rain fall drained away from the storage units, keeping the goods inside safe from water damage. The excellent drainage system also meant that Safe ‘n’ Sound was able to offer immediate assistance to those affected by the storms including several large retail establishments and domestic storers.

Rutherford 1

The expansion has been a great asset to the business, allowing it to broaden its offering to managed storage and actively seek commercial clients during a time when commercial operating spaces are becoming increasingly difficult to find. The number of rented units has continued to climb since the expansion completion and has allowed for maximised return per square metre. With virtually no impact on the access or use of rented units Safe ‘n’ Sound were able to retain existing customers and enhance the look and operation of the original facility.




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