Day 2 of the SSAA 2015 Owners and Managers Summit

What a second day of Summit! Admittedly things started off a bit slowly with people reluctant to get out of bed after such an enjoyable night on Tuesday evening at the Sounds of Silence. Not to mention the 5 star buffet breakfast which offers just about everything you can think of. When people finally dragged themselves away things kicked off with a bang with an SSAA favourite, Bernard Salt. A talented demographer who always has some interesting descriptions and predictions about generational change and it’s impacts, he was yet again a hit with the crowd.

After the opening presentation, CEO Simone Hill recognised the importance of SSAA Life and Foundation Members in a special presentation. Individuals who were crucial in the development and establishment of the SSAA were awarded commemorative lapel pins as a thanks for their contributions.

This important ceremony was followed by another; the traditional Welcome to Country in the Uluru Meeting Place amphitheatre. A group of local community ladies played clap sticks and sang facing the dancers (as is customary) to replicate sitting around a camp fire.


Delegates got to experience another creative aspect of the anangu people when artists working with the Mutitjulu Foundation joined them for morning tea. The Foundation works to improve the well-being of those in nearby communities through improved health, education and greater social and economic participation. They presented the SSAA with a one-of-a-kind dot painting to auction amongst members in a silent auction and also on the final night. The painting depicts a water hole around which a snake (and its eggs), and a goanna circle. The outer edge of the artwork shows people meeting one another perhaps in keeping with the idea of a conference (which brings people together).

After morning tea Kate Ruhl the SSAA Para-legal gave an important presentation on employment law. At conference for the first time Kate enjoyed meeting members and putting some faces to names. This practical topic was followed by Craig Davis who spoke about the importance of creativity in the workplace. He explained that to be human is to be creative, and is something we are all capable of.

At lunchtime delegates got chatting to the different service members before returning to sessions to hear from Louisa Coppel who ran a strategic planning workshop. Hopefully people got some practical tips before discussion turned to Asia with a panel composed of Luigi La Tona, Jon Perrins and Alan Seigrist. The afternoon concluded with an inspiring speech by Fred (his last name is too long to publish) and his story as a small operator succeeding in a saturated London market during the GFC.


With a long day and perhaps a bit of information overload, guests were excited to be able to enjoy a relaxing drink and canapés in the Trade Show in the Spotlight that evening. Service Members got a chance to meet and greet; answering queries from existing clients and making connections with new ones.

What will day 3 bring?

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