Facility of the Year 2014 Q & A

  1. What did it mean for Fort Knox Self Storage, Vermont to win the 2014 Facility of the Year Award?

The Fort Knox team was extremely excited and delighted to be awarded the 2014 Self Storage Association of Australasia winner for Storage Facility of the year award for our Vermont facility.

This is an awesome achievement and something we are very proud and humbled to be bestowed. Our team was thrilled to be recognised as the leaders within the self storage industry and it gives us a great sense of achievement to be recognised for all our hard work.

  1. What do you think sets the facility apart/what do you attribute to this success?

Well recognised by its grand stature our Vermont facility location is ideally positioned just 1.2 kilometres from Eastlink making it extremely accessible for all commuters. Our site is prominently positioned on a large intersection, and is well branded with striking signage that internally illuminates at night.

Apart from looking great I attribute our success to constantly measuring our performance and identifying new opportunities to grow and improve. Here at Fort Knox we have very stringent control measures ensuring all policies and procedures are followed. With monthly site audits, annual performance appraisals and continuous training workshops we are very proactive in improving performance standards. Anyone can build a fabulous facility but we recognise our team as our greatest asset and work alongside them ensure continual growth and development which intern drives success.

Fort Knox Vermont 2

  1. Do you feel it has benefitted the business and staff?

The award has certainly had a positive impact on our team. To be recognised in an environment with some tough competition is a huge honour and something that our team has embraced with great pride. For our business I feel it endorses customer trust in our brand. It enhances buyer confidence knowing that their goods will be looked after by an award winning facility. It give us a prestigious edge.

  1. Would you nominate for an award again?

Absolutely, we are currently awaiting for council approval for plans of another Fort Knox Self Storage facility that we hope to start building this year. We have great ambitions for our new site and will not hesitate in entering it for this award when it’s up and running.

  1. Would you recommend award nomination to other SSAA members?

Yes I would. I think it’s important as an industry to recognise excellence and to inspire others to push the boundaries and embrace innovation and development.

  1. Have there been any major changes at the facility since 2014?

Not really, although we have been working on a paperless move-in initiative.

Fort Knox Vermont 3

  1. What has been one of the hardest challenges for the facility?

The toughest challenge for all self storage businesses in Melbourne has been to increase occupancy in our economic climate.  And to advance processes to improve the client experience.

  1. Is there anything that you might have done differently in hindsight?

There are always areas you can improve on. For us the experience has been fabulous and we will continue to measure and develop our strategies to grow our business.

  1. What are the future plans for the business/what are you working towards next?

We want to grow our sites and the Fort Knox Brand and continue to push the boundaries in customer service excellence. We are currently working on a paperless move-in process that we have designed in-house and are excited to roll it out at all our facilities.

  1. What is your best tip for other facilities who are striving for success?

Don’t become complacent. Ensure you are also assessing your strengths and working towards new opportunities. Visit other facilities and engage with service providers. Don’t be afraid to ask about new innovations and be proactive in providing feedback. Work with the experts to develop your business. And most importantly grow your team with people who want to succeed as much as you do.


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