Storing items during a move

We’ve all had to do our fair share of packing in preparation for a move or something similar, so many of you will understand the need for preparations as part of the process. If you are storing items after or during a move you will need to look at professional storage if you want to have the items safe and sound and located somewhere you can easily retrieve them later on. Consider the storage facilities you may choose to use carefully and look for local companies on-line or in person. The following guidelines will give you a few points you can use in terms of organization and preparation:

• Make sure your chosen storage facility has good security measures to keep your belongings safe.
• Consider how often and when you will need to access your possessions when looking for a facility.
• Storage units need to be of a suitable size so that you can adapt them to suit your needs as you take some items in our out. Most facilities will have a range of different unit sizes for different items.
• Climate control in storage facilities will help widen the range of the items that may be stored, as they will protect old documents and trade goods for many years to come with the right balance of temperature and humidity.
• Look for a facility that is well-maintained and clean, as this is a sign the company takes what it does seriously and professionally.
• Check you have read and properly understand the self storage contract.
• Consider the rough estimate value of each and every item you plan on storing so you can have an easier time with your insurance company.
• Use good quality packing materials and boxes to ensure that nothing is damaged. Keeping everything boxed is important to keeping it safe from dust and grime when in storage.
• Fill the boxes you have in a way that they will not collapse when you stack them together. Make sure you give fragile items more than enough padding to protect them from impacts just in case.
• Label all your boxes with their contents so you can find things inside them quickly. Do the labelling on multiple sides so you won’t have to rotate boxes around. Keep an inventory list so you know what you have in storage.

Ella Andrews
Ella Andrews is blogger and freelance writer, who is very passionate about home relocation and self storage projects. She’s been writing about similar topics for a long time, but is also constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. Read more tips at this website.

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