Self Storage Asia Expo

Asia’s self storage industry body poised to host the industry’s biggest event in Asia

Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA) will host Self Storage Expo Asia 2015 in Tokyo, May 13-15. Topics will be focused on the Asia market, examine lessons learned about self-storage growth in other parts of the world and discuss obstacles emerging Asian markets may face, according to a press release.

The event will include a panel discussion on ‘The Future of Self-Storage in Asia.’ “This expo is positive for healthy and strong growth of the industry and community, helping both in tandem,” said panelist Jon Perrins, executive chairman of Steel Storage Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. “There is a lot of green-field in Asia, and there is no bigger event to get information, opportunity and networking in one place than the expo.”

Industry growth will also be a common theme of the event, officials said. “The numbers speak for themselves, and yes, the industry is teeming with opportunity for suppliers and facility owners,” added Luigi La Tona, executive director of SSAA. “While countries in Asia may not reach 1.75 square feet per person of self-storage like in Australia, to double the size of the current industry in most Asian countries is perfectly plausible in the next two to five years.”

Self Storage Asia 2015 will be held at the Grand Hall in the Tokyo ward of Shinagawa.

Launched last year, SSAA is a trade association dedicated to assisting self-storage operators and industry suppliers working in emerging markets along the Pacific Rim.

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