General Self Storage Tips

Renting a storage unit offers a lot of possibilities, as it frees up space in your house you would normally not have. This is especially true when you want to store furniture items, which are bulky and can greatly reduce the free space in your home. If your garage is overflowing and every closet and drawer is filled with stuff, then perhaps you need the convenience of a rented storage unit. The following are some important aspects that you should consider when choosing and organizing a unit:

– Research – before you rent, you should research the market in order to determine the available options. Usually there is a choice of several storage facilities and to pick the right one is often a question of doing the right research. You will also be able see if any added services are included, such as additional equipment rental, cleaning and more.

– Space – one of the most important factors in renting a unit is the actual space itself. You do not want to pay for a large space that you are not going to use and at the same time you want to fit everything in the space that you need to. For this reason you should carefully evaluate what you are going to store and how much space you will need. Consider also if you are going to bring more items into the storage unit later on or if you plan to put everything you need in it all at once. Click here for a handy space calculator tool.

– Access – consider how often you will need to access your unit and what the storage facility’s policy is on this. You want to know if the company allows access only in working hours, or you can visit after that.

Security – make sure the storage facility has the security measures you are looking for so you can have peace of mind. While certain security features may increase the rent at least you will know that everything you store is more secure.

Finding the right storage unit is often times a question of doing enough research and knowing what you want. If you have a clear vision of how much space you need and you like the offers you are presented, it shouldn’t be too hard to select a facility that suits you.

Ella Andrews
Ella Andrews is blogger and freelance writer, who is very passionate about home relocation and self storage projects. She’s been writing about similar topics for a long time, but is also constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. Read more tips at:

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