Service Member Profile: GSA Insurance Brokers

GSA has been associated with the self-storage industry for over 10 years and is proud to be a member of the Self-Storage Australia Association.

Our unique knowledge and experience of the industry means that we are perfectly placed to help self-storage companies in dealing with increased competition and adverse economic pressures, at the same time as adding real value to self-storage businesses.

Our Customers’ Goods insurance for self-storage companies incorporates a number of attractive benefits to make it one of the best-value products of its kind.

Our Customer Goods insurance is a revenue generating product available to self-storage companies anywhere in Australia and New Zealand – including containerised businesses. Comprehensive and flexible, our Customer Goods insurance can also be offered to your customers at the point of sale to generate additional revenue for your business. Furthermore, the policy cover can be tailored to suit your requirements, and your customers’ insurance can also be adapted to ensure their needs are being met.

We provide all the assistance you need to encourage your customers to take up the insurance option, including training for your staff and appropriate customer documentation. There are no complex administration requirements, no special conditions or warranties for goods stored at ground level or for theft cover, and no extra hidden costs. Thus ensuring that the process of managing your cover and promoting it to your customers is straightforward and efficient.

Our Property and Public Liability policies cover general business requirements and have been designed particularly with self-storage companies in mind, offering excellent value for money.

We will work with you to identify potential exposures and establish any necessary risk-management strategies that may help you protect your valuable investment from costly losses down the road. Furthermore, we can offer a quotation and issue all policy documentation quickly so there is no delay in getting you covered.

Please feel free to contact Carlo Gentili on to further discuss your requirements.

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