Service Member Profile: StorMan Software

The year 2014 has been one of growth & change for StorMan Software. We’d like to thank our long-term customers for their continued support as well as welcoming all of our new customers to StorMan Software.

The big news from 2014 was the acquisition of StorMan by Ezidebit, Australia’s leading third-party payment provider. Over the coming 12 months, Ezidebit will be rolling out several of its payment innovations through StorMan, giving our clients more ways to collect their unit rental fees.

We have also doubled our development team. We want to remain the first choice software provider for Self Storage operators in Australia and New Zealand and with this in mind, we have established our Feature Development Group made up of StorMan clients to inform our product direction. We have already rolled out our Online Reporting module (which enables you to view your StorMan reports from anywhere in the world) and our Online Customer Portal (allowing your storage customers to login to your website and pay bills, apply coupon codes, adjust their billing details, view their access control logs, transaction history, reprint invoices etc – again, from anywhere in the world & from any internet-enabled device). These additional modules are available to all of our current StorMan clients at no extra cost.

A great product needs to be supported by a great technical support team. We have invested heavily into our support technicians and the tools they use to help our clients. As well as being there to troubleshoot your IT questions our team is running weekly introductions to StorMan and topic specific Power Sessions to make sure you are getting the most out of StorMan. Keep an eye on our upcoming events and book your staff or yourself to one of these sessions. They are free and judging by the feedback from our clients, a valuable resource for growing your Self Storage business.

In terms of Sales, our various global offices have being doing well. From the SSAA’s fantastic trade show on the Gold Coast in August, through to the recent Movers & Storers Show in the United Kingdom, we’ve enjoyed meeting many new faces and reminiscing with old friends …a great opportunity that these events always offer.

All of the above could only be made possible thanks to you, our clients! So from the entire team here at StorMan Software, we wish to say thank you and “Merry Christmas”. We have some fantastic things coming along in the pipeline that we can’t wait to show you… so here’s to a wonderful 2015!

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