Service Member Profile: O’Neil

You didn’t get to where you are in self-storage by chance. You worked hard, did your homework, planned ahead and made all the right decisions to guarantee your success.

Now you’re at it again, looking to expand into the highly profitable records management business.

Because experience can change the outcome of almost any endeavor, you’ll want a strategic software partner you can count on and who’ll be around when you need them. Committed to leading the industry for over 30 years, O’Neil Software, providing worldwide coverage with offices in California, Florida, United Kingdom and Australia, has been respected internationally for its records management software since its inception. Our Microsoft® Partner Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) status and Motorola® Solutions Value Added Reseller status can help you transition into this industry. O’Neil continues to enhance/upgrade our products/services that lighten the load on your record center staff; reduce the time and effort it takes to access information; and save your company money. Today our flagship product, RS-SQL® still sets the industry standard, making our company The FIRST Choice of Record Centers Worldwide.™

O’Neil’s products RS-SQL®, RSMobile®, RSWeb®. NET, barcode tracking, portable printers, wireless handhelds and web technology automate the entire records management life-cycle process; enforce consistent compliance and records management policies; and organize, store and quickly retrieve important company records. Our technology is installed in over 85 countries, ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals.

RS-SQL is a flexible and feature-rich record tracking software solution that allows you to easily and accurately manage, track and monitor the activity of any storable item (boxes, file folders, documents and tapes) throughout your record center, from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. Our flagship product, this offering remains the most competitively–priced software solution on the market, ensuring record center productivity and profitability.

Our company’s Motorola award-winning RSMobile scanning software empowers users to complete workstation tasks directly from their wireless handhelds. This capability saves time, labor and reduces operating costs using the technology investment you’ve already made. Activities include, downloading and uploading pick lists and work orders; creating route operations assignments; uploading truck, work order and delivery validations.

Lastly, we’ve harnessed the power of the Internet to deliver extended access to the RS-SQL database for your clients. As part of a complete suite of fully integrated software, our RSWeb.NET module provides your clients with fast, flexible and real-time access to all their business information when they need it…a mouse click away.

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