Service Member Profile: Platinum Solar

As a family owned and operated business since 2003, Platinum Solar is one of the longest operating Solar companies in Australia. Yet, “old age” doesn’t squash our excitement about this growing industry.

We are proud to be the designer and installer of the largest privately funded solar power system in Australia – a 467kW rooftop project in Melbourne.

And we get excited everyday knowing that our clients save an average of 50 to 85% of their electric bill. We take pride in guaranteeing that as long as the sun rises we will be here to serve our clients.

The sun is the cleanest, cheapest power plant in the universe and it never puts its prices up, so contact us to get solar to power your business.

In 2014 we achieved some major goals as a business but most importantly helped many businesses retain more of their profits and stop wasting money on electricity costs. Some of our highlights include:

• Complete Australia’s largest privately funded solar power system – 467kW’s, producing 647,729kWh’s per year, saving $200,000 per year.
• Attended the SSAA National Conference as an exhibitor & speaker.
• Completed a 20kW solar power community project in Uganda that will “empower” their 110 children into the future.
• Secured high-profile clients such as BMW and Advent Care.

For more information visit

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