Service Member Profile: Universal Storage Containers (USC)

Universal Storage Containers® LLC (USC) is the original pioneer of using foldable innovative technology in the design of portable containers, which provides dramatic cost savings to their customers. The USC containers’ unique design allows assembly and disassembly in approximately less than 30 minutes. This “foldable” characteristic creates operating efficiencies for the enterprise through reduced freight expenses, reduced inventory storage expenses, and rapid transport and delivery potential.

The USC Z-Box® is a proven leader in the portable storage and moving industry with over 70,000 units being utilized worldwide. They have won the international award for “Best Portable-Storage Unit” four years in a row. USC is a full service supplier in that it provides engineering and design services, management consulting, R&D and logistics support, in addition to manufacturing portable containers. The USC management team is an experienced supplier to the storage and moving industry as a whole (traditional self-storage, mobile self-storage, moving and storage) and is dedicated to continuous innovation to further enhance value and stimulate return on investment for our customers.

Beyond their traditional, portable storage containers (Z-Box®), USC has grown to be the leader in containerized solutions for many other markets. USC also manufactures portable cooler/freezer containers (Polar Bear® Box), portable storage containers for fixed storage enterprises (Instant Self-Storage® Box), temporary administrative boxes (Instant Office™ Box) and portable containers for disaster relief (First Response™ Box).

Visit our website at for more information or email us today for a quote at

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