Service Member Profile: Visy Boxes & More

Visy Boxes & More is Australia’s premier provider of goods and services for the Self Storage industry. From an expansive array of boxes and adhesive products through to our protective packaging and plastic covers & bags, Visy Boxes & More is truly the one-stop shop for anyone in the business of Self Storage.

Visy Boxes & More (VBAM) has a long heritage assisting, partnering and working in Self Storage. Commencing as Homewrap Packing and Supplies, the business was founded by Jeff Matthews, who commenced over 40 years ago in Melbourne as a packing service for the Self Storage and Removals markets from his home garage.

Through customer feedback, Jeff noted the need for a wide variety of products, specifically boxes and consumable lines, which would cater for these markets. Developing a source of supply and support from his customers, Homewrap grew into a national business over the years, eventually moving into the New Zealand market as well. Seeing an opportunity to provide Self Storage customers a broader and more expansive national footprint, Visy Industries acquired the Homewrap business in 2010, re-branding it as Visy Boxes & More.

The Self Storage industry continues to be a key focus of Visy Boxes & More. This year, we’ve worked to consolidate our product ranges across the states, producing our more popular products such as the Universal Box (strong single wall box – 425mm x 370mm x 640mm), the Archive Box (high strength, tape free assembly with carry handles – 390mm x 306mm x 260mm) as well as the Carrybox (strong single wall box with carry holes – 568mm x 368mm x 327mm) which are available across all states of Australia and, in the near future, in New Zealand as well.

The current Visy Boxes & More ‘Product Catalogue’ introduces over 30 new products, all available via our regular delivery services to metropolitan areas and many nearby regional centres, or you can utilise our ‘pick up’ service directly from your local VBAM warehouse.

We’re committed to serving our customers by providing quality packaging products nationally at the best possible value and with the highest level of service. This is not just our mission statement but our customer vision – achieved through a focus on the following pillars that makes up Visy Boxes & More:
• People
• Service
• Quality
• Innovation

Visy Boxes and More would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being our partners in packaging this year and we look forward to working with you all again in 2015. The management and staff of VBAM wish you and your families a safe and happy festive season.

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