Service Member Profile: Highway Frontage

Considering selling your asset?

We are the only independent specialist Self Storage nation wide real estate business which has a long history of selling Self Storage facilities.

If you are considering selling your single or multiple facilities, there are some important elements to consider to maximise the potential of a sale:-
1. Do I want ALL potential buyers to consider my facility?
2. Do I want to reach both active and inactive buyers, locally and abroad?
3. Do I want to be represented by a business which acts entirely and only in my interest?
4. Does that business have a strong track record of selling self storage facilities?
5. Does that business have the most extensive database of buyers?
These questions should be considered when it is time to start thinking about planning to divest.

Commentary on the market: In addition to traditional and known local buyers, we are seeing some interest from oversees groups attracted to Self Storage due to its income but motivated by long-term redevelopment options. The diversification of buyers is an interesting dynamic for this market.
For a confidential discussion phone contact Matt Walsh.

51-65 Clarke St, Southbank VIC 3006
Highway Frontage Real Estate is a proud member of the SSAA.

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