Service Member Profile: Storage King

Join Forces with the Strongest Name in Storage…
The Storage King brand now sits at 150 storage facilities around Australia and New Zealand. There are some extraordinary success stories emanating from this leading player and as a result investors, owner-operators and high quality staff continue to be attracted to it and join forces to enjoy the benefits of being the biggest name in storage.

As is the case with market leaders in any industry, members of the Storage King Family have access to the huge advantages that derive from having economies of scale. In-house training systems, superior levels of customer enquiries, operational reviews, enormous marketing clout and a proven track record of success are just some of these benefits. With a highly credentialed and experienced management team, investors and licensees also have the peace of mind that is so sought after in the modern investment landscape.

Growth in stores and growth in profits…
In 2014 Storage King has opened 12 new stores in Rozelle, Castle Hill, Berkeley Vale, Rutherford, Lisarow, Thornleigh, Southport, Helensvale, Wodonga, Woodville North, Windsor Gardens, Bunbury and Osborne Park. There are a further 5 facilities under construction and due for completion in 2015.

Storage King continues to work tirelessly to achieve the financial goals of its owner-operators, investors and licensees and has shown some inspiring returns for these investors. Some of the “before and after” pictures are quite astounding. Storage King Group also has the added benefit of buying or selling your storage investment for you at a time of your choosing.

Whether it be by acquisition, by new developments or by existing self-storage owners joining this mighty Group, Storage King continues to deliver success throughout the Australian & New Zealand self-storage industry.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

For More Information – Contact Martin Richards – P: +61 2 9460 6660 or
E: W:

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