Mystery Shopping Your Business

Did you know that even in this age of modern technology 82% of customers still prefer to pick up the phone to research or investigate solutions to their current issues? Any business savvy owner or manager will know that having superior customer service and sales skills can maximise sales opportunities. Quality Results Performance Monitoring Systems specialise in assisting businesses to capitalise on each and every one of those opportunities by monitoring telephone and face to face interactions.

Established in 1998, the founders of Quality Results (QR) have more than 20 years of experience in customer service and sales assessments. They aim to objectively report on interactions with potential customers by recording all exchanges and providing the audio to an evaluator for analysis. A report providing feedback on positive traits and areas that may require attention is then compiled and provided to the client.

Areas such as attitude, attempts to secure the customers business, whether rapport is built, contact information is gathered, needs are uncovered and if the business is promoted, are reported on and practical solutions are then provided in order to strengthen weaker areas. The criterion used to assess these skill sets are commonly employed and recognised worldwide as the most significant way to improve outcomes.

Customer service skills are generally the same irrespective of the industry as if you have a product that needs to be sold to a human being, then the same sets of rules usually apply when dealing with another human being. A good example of this is a story related by one of their mystery shoppers who applied for work at another mystery shopping company. The shopper was asked if they would be willing to go into an adult shop. “We didn’t even know the adult industry world mystery shopped…the mind boggles!”

QR has certainly conducted mystery shops for wide variety of sectors and organisations such as: travel, tourism, hospitality, local councils, higher education institutions, call centres, finance, insurance, and retail. For the past five years Quality Results have been conducting evaluations on behalf of the SSAA throughout both Australia and New Zealand. During this time QR has found that the most common areas that require attention include ‘asking the right questions’, ‘addressing action’, ‘actively selling all opportunities’ and ‘building rapport’.

In order for companies to keep improving it is recommended that they conduct regular monitoring every 4-8 weeks (depending on the size of the business). However having said the QR team is quick to point out that “if you are not going to take the time to provide feedback to the individuals and actually do something with the reports then it really is a waste of time and money”.

The businesses that excel at mystery shops proactively use the reports. Each and every time an assessment is conducted the company will sit down with their staff and review the report with them. They also use incentive programs to encourage staff to want to do better and achieve set goals.

The most impressive technique and one that will win a client over every time, is when a genuine interest is portrayed in the customer and a nice rapport is built. People all like to be treated well and will always lean toward a provider that they feel is genuinely interested in them and have their best interests at heart. When exceptional customer service and sales skills are applied to all interactions it is inevitable that more enquiries will be converted into sales culminating in an improved bottom line.

If you would like more information or to arrange a mystery shop feel free to contact

Tracie Davison
Quality Results

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