Theft from Self Storage Centres in Manchester

On 6th June of this year a unit in a Manchester Self Storage centre was sold to Joe Bloe. The alternate contact given by Mr Joe Bloe was a Mr. Smith.
On the 19th July 4 units were broken into overnight. The CCTV showed several men with their faces covered and wearing gloves enter the premises with ladders and proceed to move cameras and cover them with tape. They arrived in a white combi van (LT58 PNE) and used a fob to open gates and the roller shutter. The fob was registered to the unit rented by Mr Joe Bloe.

Mr Joe Bloe is also linked with someone called XX and alleged to have committed a similar crime in another self storage business in Manchester. The Police are investigating both matters.
Recently XX has been seen enquiring to rent a storage unit with 24 hour access at 2 more self storage sites in Manchester. We treat this as suspicious given the current police investigation into his previous self storage activities. The police are investigating. These people appear to be targeting the greater Manchester area, however they may potentially try further afield.

3 thoughts on “Theft from Self Storage Centres in Manchester

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  1. Manchester UK ?

    Mr Joe Bloe and someone called XX ?

    Should we be waiting for the punchline or is this actually genuine ?

  2. I was thinking along the same lines as Mark, Surely Joe Bloe would ring some kind of alarm bells??? Just goes to show vigilance and constant checking of cameras is required. Very bold crooks

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