Irvine, CA – Remote hosting is something that is growing in popularity today and why wouldn’t it? It can provide great service at a great price. There’s no hardware to buy, an in-house IT team is not required and companies can free themselves of the responsibility for maintaining their on-premise software installation. For these very reasons and more, it can be a wise choice and one that many of O’Neil Software customers have chosen to make, or are actively considering. This way, they can continue to access O’Neil’s state-of-the-art technology, reduce IT expenditures and focus more on growing their records management business.

O’Neil Software, Inc., a provider of technology solutions for commercial and corporate records management for over 30 years, recently announced their Hosted RS-SQL service. When considering all the costs associated with running O’Neil’s RS-SQL (for example, hardware and software maintenance, system upgrades and backups), in an internal record centre server environment, a great deal of economic value can be realized by taking advantage of O’Neil’s new service. This offering negates the need for record centres to make large investments to manage local IT resources, for the purpose of running and maintaining an RS-SQL installation. By using the O’Neil cloud service, record centres have a competitive advantage. They can focus more time directly on their records management customers and new opportunities, knowing that O’Neil has their back on the application software and technology services side.

David Holt, O’Neil’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) notes: “Through economies of scale and the leveraging of O’Neil’s core competencies, our company can offer record centres advanced technologies and services at a significantly reduced cost. For example, databases hosted by O’Neil will be encrypted. We will do this at a cost far below what a record centre would have to pay, if it tried to implement it independently and on-premises. And it’s quite likely that database encryption will become a pre-requisite for meeting the requirements of existing and emerging regulations for protecting sensitive data in the health and financial arenas.”

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