Landing Pages 101

A Landing Page, sometimes called a destination page, is the web page that visitors arrive at after they click the link on a search engine results page. A landing page can be the first page of a website that was advertised on the search engine results page, or from one of the natural results from the search query.

The best landing pages are like full-page ads that set the mood to gain new customers. Their focus is on getting every visitor to start down the sales funnel. Besides being utilized for your Google AdWords and banner ad placements, this strategy can also applied to social media campaigns.

Someone looking for self storage who clicks on your social-shared link is motivated to find the perfect place to store. This is your opportunity to convince them to share contact information and consider making a booking.

There are two types of landing pages, transactional and reference pages. Transactional pages are landing pages that encourage a visitor to complete a transaction of some kind, such as filling out a form, interacting with objects on the page, or having some type of reaction occur.

A reference landing page provides a visitor who has clicked on a link with information of some type. This information can include text, images, graphics, sounds, links, or other elements. The goal of these two types of landing pages is the same, to make the visitor a conversion, meaning a potential or new client.

Darren Vowles
Reach Local

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