Multi Storage, Osborne Park

Multi Storage is always thinking outside the square and has successfully achieved this with their new exciting facility in Osborne Park.

Brothers Robert and Daniel Luca and their Dad Pat, are not only the founders of Multi Storage but they are also the builders of its three-storey unit facilities.

In what is the first of its kind, the Osborne Park site has been the most challenging facility to date. This state of the art complex has an innovative design and uses a variety of materials to produce a secure and eco-friendly storage experience.

Multi Storage Osborne Park is three storeys tall and is home to 33 Storage Units. The units are relatively large with sizes ranging from 23m2 to 80m2 for a combined floor space of 1,179m2. Given the size of the units the storers are predominantly businesses looking to store materials and archiving documents; and the owners of vehicles such as cars, boats and caravans.

The original shell of the Osborne Park building has undergone a massive transformation to become the unique building it is today. Part of the original building was demolished and some precise engineering was required to join the concrete panels of the new three storey section to the old structure. The original building had a ceiling high enough to be divided into two floors. A suspended concrete slab was poured between the new and old sections to create the ceiling of the ground floor.

Almost every unit provided a different set of conditions. This required an innovative design to deal with each unit regarding load bearings, location within the building and fire ratings. As a result, the dividing walls between the units involved a combination of concrete panels, cinder blocks, brickwork and sandwich panels.

Like all storage unit complexes – security is the number one priority. Individuals are provided with remote fobs that open the electric gate, engage and disengage their alarm, and give them access to the elevator and stairwell. High definition CCTV cameras are located throughout the site which can be viewed on smart phones and computers. This allows the storers at Multi Storage to be able to view their unit from anywhere in the world.

Another major part of security is protecting documents from fire and water damage. A fire engineer was consulted to create a design that allowed each unit to be protected from their neighbours in case of fire, without the need for fire sprinklers that could damage their valuables.

For extra peace of mind, the security and fire alarms are connected to monitored security so that the correct persons can be notified in case of an emergency.
Robert and Daniel wanted to create an eco-friendly building that would be low maintenance and have low running costs. Solar Panels are located on the north facing roof and are estimated to generate 80% of the facilities daily power consumption.

To preserve storer’s valuables, it is important to minimise changes in temperatures and humidity throughout the units. Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning can be expensive and inefficient so the designers instead decided to utilise the wind to help control the climate of the building. Every level has louvred vents to allow cool breezes to flow into the corridors which work together with roof ventilators that draw out any hot air.

These air flow mechanisms combined with insulated wall and ceiling panels help reduce the maximum temperature of a top floor unit on a 38 degree day by a massive 19 degrees.

All of Multi Storage’s complexes are fully automated, and at Osborne Park this has been taken to new levels. All of the common lighting is activated by sensors. Lights inside the units are controlled by timers. This way if a unit is left unattended for a long period of time there is no chance that a storer will accidentally leave the lights on.

Throughout April and May there were grand opening sales and celebrations. Promotions included advertisements on the radio, mail outs of brochures and a rooftop balloon. It culminated in two Grand Opening days that gave potential clients a chance to view the units first hand and to win prizes.

As well as the traditional accessories available at most storage unit facilities such as boxes and packaging – Multi Storage offers a range of products to enhance the security of units such as bollards and roller door anchors.

Great pricing has also been secured on accessories to increase the floor space of the units such as shelving and racking. One of the units has been set up as a display room to show how the space can be utilised.

The goal of Multi Storage is to provide clients with more than just storage space. Multi Storage also ensures that clients have peace of mind that their businesses and valuables will be secure and safe.

Multi Storage is a proud member of the Self Storage Association of Australia and uses a modified version of the SSAA lease agreement. The have also formed alliances with other storage unit companies, sharing referrals that don’t fit the unit sizes they have available.
To find out more about Multi Storage contact Robert Luca at




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