Manager of the Year – Temeike McLean

Proudly sponsored by AON
Temeike was employed by Storage King in May 2008 and became a store manager within a year. In 2011 she undertook the task of managing Storage King in Browns Plains. This was a store that had a reputation of being in a very difficult demographic area, one that was hidden in back streets with no street exposure and located in a very competitive market. Temeike willingly accepted this challenge and only had one goal in mind; to take the store to previously unseen heights.
Temeike undoubtedly succeeded, having increased the facilities occupancy rate by 30% and growth yield by approximately 15%. This significant improvement also resulted in the store being recognised by Storage King Management with Awards in 2012 and 2013.

In 2011 when the Queensland floods hit Storage King in Rocklea, Temeike was instrumental in the clean-up, aiding customers and supporting staff. Temeike is known for being highly dedicated, extremely efficient, organised and motivated. She has completed a Cert IV in Training and Assessment on her own accord in order to better train and mentor staff.

Complementing her excellent customer service, Temeike also has strong influencing, rapport building and negotiating skills, which many of her customers attest to:
“I had telephoned a couple of storage facilities who were cheaper than what Temeike was able to do, but because of her ‘sales pitch and friendliness’ I didn’t even bother to re-contact the other storage facilities or call any others”.

“I could not go elsewhere simply based on Temeike and how great she was. She is an absolute asset to your organisation and in my opinion is worth more than her weight in gold”.

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