Facility of the Year – Fort Knox Self Storage, Vermont

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Congratulations to Fort Knox Self Storage Vermont for winning the 2014 Facility of the Year Award!

Ideally positioned on the bustling corner of Burwood Hwy and Morack road whose daily traffic exceeds 50 000 cars a day, Fort Knox Vermont capitalizes on this with well branded and striking signage that internally illuminates at night. With a strong commitment to maintenance, cleanliness and signage this 6-year-old site is still able to compete with brand new facilities on appearance.

Having recently been upgraded the site now boasts an impressive 1098 units and a total area of 7463m2. A strong team and proven business plan means that the business is able to maintain and grow occupancy rates consistently, with the store expected to meet optimum levels in early 2015.

A solid marketing strategy also contributes to their strong occupancy rates; with the majority of their referrals deriving from passersby, web visits and existing/previous customers. Rewarding customers for referrals and a referral strategy with local real estate’s is an extremely important facet of the facilities marketing plan.

The managements constant monitoring of performance and identification of new opportunities to grow and improve means that Fort Knox Vermont is able to provide customers with a superior service experience (rating as highly competitive in mystery shop evaluations). Their mission statement is “To treat our customers like gold, by being committed to superior storage solutions with peace of mind & delivering excellence in customer service through our experience, professional staff”. To this end they have qualified trainers on board which regularly host training workshops and design custom training programs on sales techniques, leadership skills, conflict resolution and debt collection.

The facility management are also able to achieve such high standards of customer service in part through a people focused culture which values integrity, honesty and passion for delivering superior customer service. Their management style is participative and they host monthly site managers meetings and a buddy swap system (where team members swap sites every month for a day). As a family operated business Fort Knox believes “people are our greatest assets” and this is certainly one of their strengths having won the Diversity@Work – Work Life Balance Award.

Their participation in the local community, by supporting charities, sporting groups, kindergartens and schools within the region, also helps to promote a balanced work environment. The business recently supported Melbourne City Mission with 11 of their team braving the elements to sleep at the MCG to support the cause (in addition to fundraising).

The state of the art facility which opened in July 2008 is an extremely well deserving recipient of the award this year.




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