Best Upgrade/Expansion – U-Store-It, Keswick

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Highway Frontage

In 2013 U-Store-It Keswick undertook this ambitious expansion to its existing premises; an old Kelvinator factory built in the 1920’s which consisted of a low clearance warehouse and asbestos roofing. The business was required to relocate approximately 90 existing customers in order to commence demolition which resulted in a substantial loss of income for over 6 months.

Once customers directly affected by the upgrade were removed, the team was tasked with the difficult challenge of sealing up half of the warehouse to weather proof it for other existing customers. The sealing process which required the erecting of concrete plinths, steel cladding and hoarding commenced the day of the demolition to limit the impact on customers.

Despite the difficult build the resulting three storey state of the art facility made it worthwhile. The larger unit mix, roller door access, advance security system (including operational night-time cameras), individually alarmed and lit units and sensor triggered exhaust system helped attract more business and commercial clients to the facility.

U-Store-It before

U-Store-It after

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