SSAA Awards for Excellence Program – Q & A

It’s all about team work according to 2013 Expansion of the year winners, Kotara Safe n Sound. We spoke to Amanda Skehan, Store Manager at the facility about what it meant for her team, and why all SSAA members should consider nominating for an award in 2014.

What did it mean for the facility to win the 2013 Expansion of the year?
The main benefit of receiving the award was being recognised by the industry and having the quality of our facility and the expansion acknowledged by our peers.

Do you feel it benefited your business?
Yes. The recognition was really important for us internally, I feel our team are really proud of what they have achieved.

What other impacts did winning the award have on your staff?
It gave our staff greater pride in what they’re doing and was a reward for all their hard work and effort. Obviously the operation and the build are really important but at the end of the day it’s our team that love what they are doing and that comes across to our customers in the quality of service they receive.

Would you nominate for an award again?
Absolutely, although at this stage I’m unsure if we will be nominating for 2014.

Would you recommend award nomination to other SSAA members?
Definitely! It’s a great reward for your team to be recognised by the industry and to feel part of it. After all, they are the frontline of the business.

Have there been any major changes at your facility since 2013?
Not in terms of more building or anything material, but I think our team have a stronger understanding of the quality of our offering in the market.
What do you think sets your facility apart/what do you attribute to your success?
Our customer service by far. We are very good at meeting customers’ needs rather than just offering them a storage unit. Our goal is to make the customers experience easy and as hassle free as possible.

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