Entrepreneurial spirit embraces new opportunity

Following five years spent as the National Operations Manager for a shopping centre company, the lure of the self storage industry rose to prominence on Jason Keane’s employment ‘radar.’ Jason sensed the skills he had honed when managing the varied requests (and demands) he received from centre vendors were readily transferable to the many customer facing and staff management activities he would be required to master in the self storage industry.

Fortunately, Storage King shared his optimism when he was appointed as a Store Manager. Quickly proving his worth, Jason was later promoted to head office in an operations capacity. The role afforded him the sought after opportunity to coordinate the set-up of Storage King’s franchise operations in the United Kingdom in 2005 and 2006.

In 2011 Jason was offered a position at Fry’s Self Storage to assume the role of General Manager of a nine store storage portfolio in Victoria. Over his employment tenure in the industry, Jason has seen a shift in consumer demand as customer lifestyles change resulting in a greater demand for facility access, outside of traditional business hours. He has noted the dilemma for many facility owners wanting to provide their valued customers with such flexibility, but also appreciating the need to control wage costs and not compromise the security of their site, when allowing customer access during non-staffed hours.

Jason has also had first-hand exposure to evolving technology developed by Sentinel. Technology that not only provides self storage site access control to customers and wage cost savings to the owner, but enables individual unit alarm monitoring and notification to the facility manager of customer entry and egress ‘transactions’ and instant smart phone alerts if a unit access alarm is activated. Importantly, this software will interface with any site management software program.

In his various site operational management roles, Jason has been impressed with the competitive price of the Sentinel product and its flexibility to allow site access in different time zones for different days. A distinct competitive point of difference for the Sentinel product is also its functionality to incorporate machine readable barcodes (QR codes) to avoid the need for storers to remember pin codes as they gain access to the site. Sentinel’s product functionality and ease of useability, coupled with a comprehensive service and customer support capability led to Jason’s interest and ultimate decision to purchase the Australasia Sentinel distribution franchise recently from well-known industry identity, John Poulton.

Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit senses bright horizons for the Sentinel product in the region. He estimates that approximately 40% of its self storage businesses have access control systems and appreciates there will be greater future demand for the product as self storage operators renovate or expand their facilities, and respond to consumer demand for greater access. His extensive work experience in the self storage industry has also enabled him to rigorously road-test the Sentinel product and be confident of its application in providing desired flexibility of site access, wage cost management and owner peace of mind.

To arrange a no obligation free quotation from a highly respected and experienced self storage industry identity, call Jason today on +61 3 9418 3942 or email Jason@storagesecurity.com.au

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