Why are we here and where to next? The Association and its value to all members

We have now seen our Association CEO ‘transition’ project completed with Dougal Hollis now almost 6 months into the role. This short period has allowed the CEO to identify both the minutiae and the big picture issues facing our members and our industry…and he can see a significant set of challenges ahead for the Association at large. We are very clear that the value of the Association to members and the purpose of the Association is both fluid and subjective. There is a plan!

During the last few weeks the Board has been working with Dougal to identify the key 12 month goals of the CEO (and the Association) in the areas of finance, culture, risk, and strategy. These are ‘big picture’ matters and I am pleased we have the focus and dedication to face them. We are also confident that we have the skill set in place.

Member Engagement:
Already Dougal has engaged with different sections of our membership to create a collegiate approach to SSAA affairs. The planning for the 2014 Convention is one example where Dougal has ensured by dialogue with our Service Members to ensure they have a proper input to the trade show layout and location. We are very aware of the value of our Service Members to the event and should quite rightly consult with them to ensure the best outcome to all members.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our diverse group of members and this consultative approach to member interaction will be underpinned by the development of an engagement program that will ensure SSAA interacts with all members in a regular and systematic way. Ultimately, to ensure that you derive the maximum value from your membership investment.

The Board:
The Board of the Association was restructure only a year ago. I would like to think that the lack of competition for the Board positions at this month’s elections and the AGM is a product of the member’s great satisfaction with the current Board and the Associations work!! I don’t actually believe that. We need a vibrant and dedicated group of skilled industry members within the representative groups throwing their skills into the collective mix. Members need to get involved. Put your hand up to support the industry and your Association. Please reflect on what you can and should do to lend your skills to the industry at large.

Insider Magazine:
Finally, I trust you will enjoy reading the ‘new look’ Insider magazine. Our intention in the coming months is to increase editorial content in the publication with articles that reflect current challenges for our industry and how these may have been met and overcome by your industry peers. Feel free to express your opinion about the style and content of articles you would like to see in your industry magazine too. It may even be time to dust off your quill and pen an article of interest to others for inclusion in a future edition!

Indeed, the ‘consultative theme’ is alive and well!

gary headshot
Gary Vick (SSAA Chairman)

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